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Tesseract’s powers revolve around her ability to play around with dimensions. Effectively she can make herself or things around her four- or two-dimensional for short periods of time. The practical upshot of this is that she can teleport herself, or other people, dodge things (by ceasing to exists in the one of the three normal dimensions) and even make small jumps in time. An added side-effect of her powers is the ability to perceive alternative time lines, both past and future, but this is somewhat uncontrolled. None of the effects persist; she can become two-dimensional for just long enough to doge a bullet or pass under a door, for example. The real, three-dimensional world always pulls her back. Her ‘Space/Time Warp’ ability allows her to twist the way things around her work for short periods of time – she can change the direction of gravity, speed up or slow time in localised areas – that kind of thing.

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Art by Chronicler

Storm Raven is a refugee of royal blood from Tenebria, a shadow-dimension that lies adjacent to the Earth dimension. Her home realm was overthrown by the villain Harbinger and his demonic forces. Swearing vengeance, Storm Raven is currently laying low as a student (under the alias of Branwen Crowe) at Wyvern College in Centennial City.

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60-A-Day-Man by Hafwit

Socrates Grime, chain-smoker, occultist, antihero. One dull night in a lenghty focus group interview for Asmodeus Tobacco, something clicked for (then) young Socrates, and he begun channeling the mystic power of the tobacco road. Many a villain has been chilled to the bone by hearing an emphysematic cough behind him. He doesn’t refer to himself as 60-A-Day-Man, but others do, to his great annoyance.

(I can’t draw, but Socrates looks like John Contantine’s dad might).

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The Boolean Operator by KreenWarrior

operatorThe Boolean Operator is a highly skilled secret agent, whose experimental suit gives him the power to separate and merge people, places and things!

Super Secret Agent: 2
NOT (The Operator creates a repulsion field, pushing people away from himself or each other [][]: 3
AND (The Operator merges two opponents into one freakishly mutated creature) [] []: 3

Wildcard!: The Operator appears in multiple places at once for a brief period of time (Change one die to a 5)
Merge!: The Operator merges himself with an opponent, allowing him to take control for a while (Reroll the dice)

Toughness: 4

Smoke and Mirrors by Slortar

The most infamous supervillain team-up to hit the streets since Sugar and Spice, Smoke and Mirrors specializes in improbable thefts (and cackling villainy). Mirrors is the brains of the gang; Smoke provides muscle.

Vincent G. Donahue was the president of a big tobacco company until sales slumped. Now that his company’s collapsed, he’s turned to the dark side. Using a special prototype pipe developed by R&D, he profiteers as Smoke, the fuming terror.

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