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Behold the hideous Sewerager! by Bailywolf

A tragic accident in an experimental waste treatment plant turned mild-mannered scientist Carl Loaca into the monstrous villain known only as the Sewerager. So foul is his presence – a man encased in a body made from impossibly animated effluvia- that he was rejected and went mad – if nobody would help him, then he’d take what he needs to become human once again! He distrusts offers of assistance, for too often has be been betrayed and his presence rejected… especially on warm summer days.

Super Strength 3
[ ] Squishy Invulnerability 3
[ ] Poo-wer Punch 4
[ ] Panicked Crowds (effect 2)
Revolting Stench – anyone damaged by the Sewerager gets -1 on the next roll


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