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Millennium – a new game by Tobias Radesäter

Millennium is a fantasy RPG set in the present in a world not unlike ours. And apparently it includes elves, gods, legendary places and exotic dimensions, where players play centuries-old magicians. Floating dude is presumably a PC. It invokes stuff like Sandman and American Gods and Harry Potter for feel, but it looks to me like it could do a higher-powered Dresden Files too.

More news (in Swedish):


2 responses to “Millennium – a new game by Tobias Radesäter

  1. Björn Olsson October 8, 2009 at 8:07 am

    The game isn´t new really, it´s the second edition of Millenium and it´s somewhere around 10 yrs since the first version was born.
    It´s free but only available in swedish.
    Also a lot of fun. More traditional roleplaying game, regular character sheets, character improvement and so on.
    Fun illustrations, don´t have to be proficient in swedish for those.

  2. Tobias Radesäter October 15, 2009 at 1:25 pm

    As Björn has already stated — Millennium is not that new, although I’m working on a new version, which will be the third complete version of the game. It will not be translated to english, at least not by me. My english is good enough to translate 28 pages of comics, not 100+ pages of solid text. 😉


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