The Fortress of Solid-Rules

The unofficial Supercrew fansite



Solid Light Shapes – 2
Physics – 1
Coherent Light Burst – 3

Photon Matrix (Solid Light Shapes) – Change die to 5
Leading Expert in Nuclear Physics (Physics) – Effect 2
Hard Light Beam (Coherent Light Burst) – Reroll

Eric Rosen was a typical nerd, who mostly kept to himself, only caring about science and what was in front of him. He was conducting experiments on the nature of light when a red light laser struck its nuclear power source. Eric was bathed in radiation even as he was burned by the laser’s awesome power. He was buried, alone and unloved, on a lonely hillside grave. One night, a burst of red energy erupted from the grave- Eric emerged! He had not died, but he had somehow absorbed the laser’s energy and had regenerated. Determined to care for something and make a difference in the world, Eric assumed the identity of Redforce.

Redforce has complete control over red light. He can take advantage of the particle nature of light, creating semi-solid forms which are rigid yet can yield to pressure if desired. Redforce can fire a burst of laserlike energy, surround himself or others with a protective light field, create a variety of semisolid light shapes or images, move objects, and propel himself through the air on semisolid light disks. He can also see into the near infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, allowing him to spot heat traces and see in the dark. In addition, Eric Rosen is a master physicist and one of the world’s leading experts on the nature of light.

Redforce will protect innocents no matter what the cost, even at the risk of his own life. He is totally serious about being a hero. He tends to be aloof and somewhat stoic at times; however, if an innocent life is threatened, he will quickly be roused to passionate action. Secretly, Eric is uncertain and afraid that he may one day hesitate or make a mistake at the cost of someone’s life. Redforce also has a great lingering fear of enclosed spaces (being buried alive will do that to you…).

Eric has short brown hair, brown eyes, and an average physique (for superheroes, anyway).

Quick, everyone! We MUST protect those innocents from harm!


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