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SERAPH by Chronicler

Art by Storn

A bright trail of fire cut a swath through the still night air as Seraph flew over the city on one of his routine patrols. As he passed over an abandoned section of the Warehouse District, his mystically-attuned senses detected a dimensional rift down below. This could be trouble, he thought to himself as he landed gingerly in an unlit alley between two hulking warehouses. Quickly spotting the pulsing rift in a pool of darkness, he unleashed a torrent of celestial fire which immediately cauterized the tear.

“That was easy enough,” Seraph exhaled in relief. As he took to the air, a screech of pure hatred followed him as four Shadow Minions rose up from the inky blackness to give chase. Intently focused as he was on closing the rift, Seraph hadn’t sensed them until it was almost too late. With a desperate wave of his hand, he invoked a column of white fire to disrupt their attack formation. The snarling creatures veered aside to avoid the blistering flames, but not before one of them had managed to slash the retreating hero with a barbed claw drawing first blood.

Seraph gasped in pain and lashed out at the offending demon with a telekinetic blast, knocking it out of the sky to plummet like a rock to the ground below. The remaining three abominations retaliated with crackling bolts of umbral potency that all flew wide of their mark.

Clenching his jaw in determination, Seraph knew that he needed to end this confrontation right now. Drawing on every iota of his power, he invoked his empyreal form. Brilliant white light poured from his eyes and mouth as his figure grew in stature doubling in height. Enormous iridescent wings unfurled from his back while golden fire blazed over his entire body, wreathing him in a protective nimbus.

Shadow bolts glanced harmlessly off of the towering angel as he charged the demons with the flaming greatsword that had manifested in his hands. The searing blade struck true and bit deep spraying black ichor in a fine mist. The three decimated creatures plunged to the earth trailing streams of white fire as their bodies were steadily consumed.


Summon Heavenly Host 3
Celestial Fire 2
Telekinesis 1

[ ] Empyreal Form (Re-roll the Dice)
[ ] Flame Strike (Change the Roll to Effect 2)
[ ] Telekinetic Wave (Change One Die to a 5)
[ ] Anecdote Bonus

Hero Points: 0

Toughness: 3/3


A week ago, the villain Harbinger tore open a hole in the fabric of spacetime to try to give the demons of a dark dimension access to our world. Thankfully his insane ritual was stopped before the malevolent Night Lords themselves could manifest. However, scores of their demonic minions got through. Numerous heroes arrived to defeat these creatures but not before the aborted invasion had taken its toll in lost lives and damaged property.

Seraph, one of the heroes who arose from that crisis, now regularly patrols the city in search of any residual dimensional tears that may still allow Shadow Minions entry into our world.


One response to “SERAPH by Chronicler

  1. Redforce October 6, 2009 at 9:12 pm

    I really like this character, especially the Summon Heavenly Host power. Good grasp of the 1/2/3 paradigm.

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