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Super defense question by discuit

When someone uses a super defense do they still have to “pay” for a rank 3 ability, or gain a Hero Point if they use a rank 1 ability? As my understanding is that they will have already gained and or lossed hero points from their initial declaration and roll? And if they don’t have to pay for rank 3’s, well why not just use them all the time? On the flip side, if a character has gained no effect from his initial roll, why would he not declare he is using his rank 1 ability instead of reflex defense to gain a hero point?

Answer by Kaptain Kobold:

It’s a good question, and isn’t clear in the rules.

I think that you pay to use a Rank 3 defence, and get a point when you use teh Rank 1 defence (that way you get a bonus for using it, even though it’s the same as a reflex defence). If you already paid or gained a hero point for your initial declaration, then so be it. Sometimes you’ll win on that, sometimes you lose. Paying and using a Rank 3 ability gave you a chance at getting a good roll, and good rolls determine order of action. So it’s worth doing it, even if you fail.

What I’m not clear on is whether the defence is then active for teh whole of teh rest of teh round. I assume that it is, so if you use a Rank 3 power to defend against one foe, you get three dice against all subsequent attacks that target you that round.

Answer by Bailywolf:

You do have to pay for a 3d power, even as defense, and you get a point for the 1d power, even on defense.

To use either though, you must sacrifice your action that round, and if you’ve already taken an action, you’d out of luck and have to resort to the reflexive defense of 1d.

The advantage of using your 1d power for defense instead of the 1d reflex is that you get a hero point for it. The advantage of paying for the 3d power is that it’s worth 3d.

As per the example (can’t recall the page – Cap. Sweden and Massif flank Lux) – he can only defend against one of them, so you use a power defense against a single attack, and if facing more than one foe, have to use a reflex on the others.


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