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The Black Fog by disvuit

The thing is Black Fog doesn’t truly know who he is! He awoke in the aftermath of some kind of explosion, dazed, confussed and scared. Panicked, he ran into the stormy night, wandering lost for days. Over the next few months he began to transform into something…different. As time went on he he discovered he once worked for the government, in the science field, which explains why he just sometimes seems to know things he doesn’t think he should. On what he was working on, and why he is now what he is, is still unknown to even him! But until he finds out the truth behind his transformation, he has decided to use his “gifts” to fight crime!


Attack:Fog Horn! 3
The Black Fog can bellow so loudly that it makes buildings crumble and villains brains explode!

Super Power:Fog Form 2
The Black Fog can become nothing more than an flowing black mass!

Skill: Scientist 1
The BF was once a brilliant scientist…until that day the lab blew up and he became….THHHEEE BBLLAACCCKKK FFOOOGG!!


[ ] Split Personality – When the BF is fighting multiple opponents he can split his form into smaller clones of himself and attack them all![Re-roll the dice]

[ ] What was that? – When sneaking about the BF’s fog form is very helpfull. [Change one die to a 5]

[ ] I can’t breath!..or see! – The BF can engulf his opponents in order to suffocate and blind them! [Change roll to effect 2]

[ ] Anecdote Bonus

Toughness: 3/3

Hero Points: 0


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