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All hands up for the Jurassic Sensei! by Slortar

Simultaneously infamous and a media darling, the Jurassic Sensei is a swashbuckling jewel thief, ladies man, head of the Blood Fang ninja clan and talented inventor specializing in dinosaur robotics. A firm believer in showmanship, he makes his presence known with fanfare and style…and then leaves in a puff of smoke and mystery.

Basically, he’s David Copperfield, Errol Flynn and Sho Kusogi all in one package.

He is always accompanied by at least 5 ninjas.

Swashbuckling Ninja 3
[ ] Use dinosaur remote — summons robot velociraptors — see below

[ ] Smoke bombs (Change one die to a 5)
[ ] Witty Taunt (Reroll)

Special: The Jurassic Sensei always uses at least 2 dice when defending

Toughness: 4

Three Robot Velociraptors

Raptor Fu 2
[ ] Rip and Tear 3

Special: Raptors have a pack mentality–as long as two or more remain, their Raptor Fu is effectively 3.

Toughness: 3

This was a fun one. A while back I’d made a random Silver Age super villain generator and this is one of the villains it pumped out while I was testing it. The only other villain I’ve made with it that comes even close is Professor Chaos, an insane howler monkey scientist with sonic powers, an Oxford accent and a love of polysyllaby.

But, I can’t draw monkeys, so I went with JS instead.


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