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Captain Hero by Slortar

Captain Hero, the mightiest man on Earth. Nigh invulnerable, super strong, faster than a speeding fast thing. He’s the first line of defense against alien invasion and globe-threatening perils of all sorts. The problem is, he’s way above you guys and…not exactly the brightest bulb around.

Every time he swoops above the city, fighting off an alien attack or deflecting a radioactive meteor, he leaves an unintentional trail of carnage behind him. He’s a national darling, though, so the burning buildings, burst dams, and unplanned urban reconstruction gets swept under the rug by the press. Mostly, the Captain doesn’t even notice–he’s too busy fighting the big fights.

This time, though, the heroes want to have a word with him about it. He’s completely invulnerable to anyone who is not at least as strong as he is, though, so the characters can not hurt him by fighting him physically–they have to get his attention and convince him of what he is doing wrong (Ooh, look it’s social combat–how trendy!).

Once the heroes reduce him to 0 toughness, he realizes what’s happening and he helps them put out the remaining disasters he’s caused. If he “knocks out” the heroes, it represents him flying off to fight another big hazard without mending his ways.

His abilities come in two flavors: one type spawns environmental hazards that show up as additional “monsters” and the others are counter-“arguments” to the players’ “attacks”.

It’s pretty easy to readjust his abilities to suit wherever your city is. No dam to burst in your area? Make him knock a flying saucer into the Eiffel Tower.

Oblivious To Environment 2
[ ] Punches Meteor, causing fragments to rain down on city, hitting a building and making it burst into flames
[ ] Knocks out flying saucer, causing it to crash into a dam, sending a wall of water down the river
[ ] Misses flying saucer with heat ray vision, sparking off a forest fire
[ ] Flying saucer spins out of control after he hits it, causing a passenger jet to lose an engine and start to crash

[ ] Ignores the player characters (affects all player characters at once) 3
[ ] Pardon me, citizen, I have work to do! 4
[ ] [ ] Not that smart (defensive move) 3

[ ] Invoke National Pride (Reroll)

Toughness: 3


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