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Characters from The Impossible Club

Some more; player characters from The Impossible Club, which was set in Victorian London. Maybe I’ll run another adventure with these sometime, although I think the characters may need a slight revision:

Sir Leo Fogg
Based on Willy Fogg from the classic 80s cartoon series, Sir Leo is a tall, powerful humanoid lion. His father was an African explorer who fell foul of a local witch-doctor, and was cursed. The curse manifested itself in his newborn son’s strange appearence, but Sir Leo has risen above his birthright and is a respected, if unusual-looking, member of society. He founded The Impossible Club.

3 – Fearsome Roar: Terrifies foes and inspires friends
2 – Powerful: He is stronger, faster and tougher than a normal man
1 – Heightened Senses: Just what it says on the tin

Reroll – Focused hearing (senses)
Change to 5 – Shatter solid objects (roar)
Effect 2 – Mighty leap (strength)


A tree spirit character. We haven’t fully fleshed out her background yet, but she is a tall, pale, slender woman dressed in robes of leaves and moss. She carries a small silver horn and is accompanied by a cat-sized dragon called Lux Goldenscale. She may be the last of her kind.

3 – Magical Silver Horn: Summons hordes of small woodland creatures to her aid
2 – Control Plant Growth: Create tangling vines or brambles, or grow and/or move trees and other vegetation
1 – Familiar: Lux Goldenscale, a small dragon which can fly and breathe fire

Reroll – Fiery breath (Dragon)
Change to 5 – Summoned creatures see and hear everything (Silver Horn)
Effect 2 – Scales of gold protect all (Dragon)

The Amazing Phantom

Dr. John Clove is a brilliant chemist, who uses his discoveries to fight crime and injustice in the guise of The Phantom. He attacks foes with gas or smoke bombs, vials of acid or small amounts of explosives.

3 – Great Speed: The Phantom can take a potion that enables him to move at high speed
2 – Invisibility: Another potion in his arsenal
1 – Brilliant Chemist: he can create various chemical weapons and effects

Reroll: Become intangible for short periods of time (Invisibility)
Change to 5: Create an explosive from anything (Chemist)
Effect 2: Attack multiple foes (Speed)


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