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Comicbook Heroes Pt.1 – Batman, Storm, Wolverine, Captain America

From the comics:


3 – Equipment: Utility Belt
2 – Skill: Martial Arts
1 – Skill: Detective

Reroll: (Detective) Fear of The Batman
Change to 5: (Utility Belt) The Right Tool For The Job
Effect 2: (Martial Arts) Surprise Attack

Storm (X-Men – based on the one from the late 1970-early 1980s; I have no idea how much she may have changed since then):

3 – Control: Weather
2 – Attack: Lightning
1 – Power: Flight

Reroll: (Weather) Big storm
Change to 5: (Flight) Agility
Effect 2: (Lightning) Getting very cross indeed, but holding back from killing.

Whilst her powers are strictly weather control, the lightning is her default attack, so is the grade 2 ability. To let loose with her full weather powers she needs hero Points, but some defensive flying around early on will ensure those.

Wolverine (from the same period):

3 – Attack: Claws
2 – Attribute: Animal strength and senses
1 – Power: Regeneration and adamantium bones

Reroll: (Claws) Beserk rage
Change to 5: (Animal abilities) The best he is at what he does
Effect 2: (Regeneration) Recover from anything

Although he is shown using his claws frequently, he only really lets loose with them as a weapon of last resort, or when in a beserk rage. To get the hero points for this he will need to be beaten up a little, using his regeneration and unbreakable bones to avoid any real damage. Otherwise he’s a tough fighter with great senses. Of course, a description can have him using the claws; he just doesn’t get the dice or tricks for them.

(The problem with Wolverine is that he really has four abilities: regeneration, the claws/skeleton, the senses and being strong, tough and agile. Merging the last two into one power seemed the best way to deal with Supercrew’s ‘three powers’ set-up, although I accept that I have (i) de-emphasised the senses and (ii) devalued characters who have them as seperate abilities.)

Captain America

3 – Skill: Inspiring leadership and example
2 – Equipment: Adamantium Shield
1 – Attributes: Absolute peak of human physical ability

Reroll: (Leadership) Inspiring speech
Change to 5: (Shield) Throw shield
Effect 2: (Shield) Use shield to defend others

The latter skill is based on the assumption (which we make in our games) that you can use a trick to change other people’s die rolls as well as (or instead of) your own*. So by switching to a powered defence (Shield), Cap can change the die roll of one other character’s defence (reflex or power) to be an automatic Effect 2. He then counts as using his shield as a powered defence for the rest of the round.

Example: Cap and the Scarlet Witch are fighting some henchmen with guns. The henchmen attack both characters and score Effect 2; Cap and The Witch act after them. The Witch will take two hits unless her defence works. She resorts to a reflex defence, and rolls one dice, getting a ‘2’ (fail). Cap declares that he is switching to a powered defence (Shield) and declares that he is throwing it to defend The Witch from the gunfire. This changes her die roll to be Effect 2, and she takes no damage. Cap now loses his action, but defends with two dice against the two damage he is due to take. Let’s hope that the shield returns to his hand in time (although, regardless, he has saved The Scarlet Witch, and that’s good enough for me 😀 )

*Assuming the description fits. The assumption is based on the description of Captain Sweden’s Cape Trick, when it says he can use it to defend himself *or others*.


One response to “Comicbook Heroes Pt.1 – Batman, Storm, Wolverine, Captain America

  1. The Scarecrow May 26, 2013 at 1:11 pm

    But if Capt. America choose to use the shield to defend Scarlet Witch, in the same round how can he defend himself againt the 2 point damage of the henchmen?

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