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Dog Star by Bailywolf

The psychic supervillian known as Dog Star began life as an ordinary veterinarian until a bite by a radioactive yapping toy poodle simultaneously destroyed his love of animals (“Damn you, foul little beast!”) and granted him superpowers – the ability to control dogs.

Not, however, mentally.

Dog Star gained a form of limited telekinesis… tele-canine-esis if you will. He can psychically move dogs about with the power of his mind. He can’t alter their behaviors or doggy brains, but he can fling them about with reckless abandon. His terrible Dog Storm attack is awful. His hideous Puppy Armor is traumatic.

Can you bring yourself to strike a man encased in a suit of living armor made from pathetically whining puppies?

If you can, then there’s something wrong with you.

Dog Star
Telecaninesis 3d
[ ] Wall of Dogs 4d
[ ] Dog Storm 5d
[ ] Puppy Armor (lasts for remainder of scene, or until he suffers 3 damage)

Puppies, man! Puppies – If a hero damages Dog Star with a physical attack while he’s using his puppy armor, then they suffer a -1 die penalty on their next roll.

Toughness 3 (toughness becomes 6 with sufficient puppies)


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