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EVIL ENT by Chronicler

a.k.a. The Pissed Off Tree

The Evil Ent started off life as a normal tree growing beside a country club golf course. Then one day, during a particularly bad storm, he was struck by a bolt of lightning which granted him sentience. Remembering all of the times that he had been hit by ill-aimed golf balls or had been peed on by stray dogs, the tree gave in to anger and the dark side. Declaring war on myopic golfers and constipated dogs everywhere, the Evil Ent has begun his rampage of terror!

Control Trees 2
[ ] Autofire Acorns 3
[ ] Poison Oak 3
[ ] Root Whips 3

[ ] Bark Armor (Change the Roll to Effect 2)

The Evil Ent may sometimes be found in the company of the villain Dog Star due to their mutual dislike of dogs.

Toughness: 4/4


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