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Supercrew lends itself well to this kind of power level, although I guess that the game works OK so long as all heroes and threats are set at the same relative level. ‘Single power’ heroes, such as Colossus and Cyclops, will tend to spread the same power or ability across several levels, with the differing number of dice reflecting how useful it is. In terms of abilities they are based on fairly early incarnations of the characters.


3 – Pure-Hearted Strength
2 – Mighty Strength
1 – Body Of Steel

Reroll: Battlecry – Lenin’s Ghost! (Mighty Strength)
Change to 5: Faster Than He Looks (Mighty Strength)
Effect 2: Deflect Ranged Attacks (Body Of Steel)

The ‘Mighty Strength’ and ‘Pure-Hearted Strength’ abilities are basically the same, but when he’s being really pure-hearted he can achieve far more 🙂


3 – Team Leader
2 – Eye-Beams
1 – Leader

Reroll: Wide Beam (Eye-Beams)
Change to 5: Bounce Beam (Eye-Beams)
Effect 2: Focused Beam (Eye-Beams)

The idea of havingleadership as his best and worst ability is not mine, but I can’t remember where I saw it. Basically he can spend time botching his team-leader role, and then pull something brilliant out of nowhere using the accumulated Hero Points. All of his Tricks are on the eye-beams in order to reflect the fact that he’s very, very good with them indeed.

And, finally, because my daughter wouldn’t want me not to:


3 – Teleport
2 – Heroic Swashbuckler
1 – Wall-Crawling Acrobat

Reroll: Rapid Teleport Attack (Teleport)
Change to 5: Swinging From Chandeliers (Swashbuckler)
Effect 2: Prehensile Tail (Wall Crawling)

I skipped the hiding in shadows ability, as I couldn’t fit it in; it could be a teleport trick if you wanted to include it. In addition, there is something to be said for swapping the Teleport ability with the Swashbuckling, making the latter his heroic mode and the former his default one. As with Colossus two of his abilites are similar; however the Swashbuckling represents his skill in fighting and acrobatics, whilst the Wall-Crawling represents the abilities granted him by his mutant body.


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