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The Fantastic Four!

Some more writups, conceived whilst I was in the shower this morning (a good place for thinking, the shower 🙂 )

Mr Fantastic

3 – Amazing Scientific Devices
2 – Stretching Powers
1 – Scientist

Reroll: The Perfect Gadget (Devices)
Change to 5: Bounce Attack (Stretching)
Effect 2: Absorb Impact (Stretching)

Mr. Fantastic can go all day being an amazing stretchy guy, but it’s his scientific genius that’s his real strength. The Scientist skill enables him to analyse situations and opponents, at the cost of possibly being distracted from other issues, but having done so he is then ready to produce a gizmo perfectly tailored to deal with the situation.

The Invisible Girl/Woman

3 – Force Wall
2 – Invisibility
1 – Force Field

Reroll: Deflect Attacks (Force Wall)
Change to 5: Force Bubble (Force Wall)
Effect 2: Force Field Punch (Force Field)

Despite her name it’s her force-fields that are her really impressive ability. I’ve assumed that she uses them ineffectively for a while, and can then pull a showstopping stunt. Until then her invisibility keeps her out of trouble.

The Human Torch

3 – Nova Blast
2 – Body of Flame
1 – Flight

Reroll: Control Fire (Body of Flame)
Change to 5: Flame On! (Body of Flame)
Effect 2: High Speed (Flight)

An easy one; the Nova Blast can be saved for special occasions, whilst the Flight is enough to get him into trouble.

The Thing

3 – Rough-house Fighting
2 – Superhuman Strength
1 – Body of Stone

Reroll: It’s Clobberin’ Time! (Rough-house)
Change to 5: Determination (Strength)
Effect 2: Earthquake Punch (Strength)

Another easy one. His battle-cry gives him a stab at making an opponent’s day really, really unpleasant.


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