The Fortress of Solid-Rules

The unofficial Supercrew fansite

The Purple Punslinger

Once merely a one-liner comedian of questionable talent, the Purple Punslinger gained his powers when he made light of the Mad Magician within the villain’s earshot. The Magician’s curse mingled with the atmosphere of the club, merging it with the comedian and granting him the powers of the Purple Punslinger!

Laughing Gas [3]; The Punslinger evaporates into laughing gas
Gaseous [2]; He’s a windbag who let himself go; can turn into gas
Pun-Fu [1]; “I’ll show you how to punch properly!” He just can’t stop himself.

[ ] “Silent but deadly” (Change one die to 5) ; The invisible killer. You can’t see him, but you might smell him.
[ ] “No laughing matter” (Effect 2); He can be serious when the situation warrants
[ ] “Terrible pun-ishment” (Reroll); Accompanies his attack with a pun. Everyone has a gas.

[ ] Anecdote Bonus __________________


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