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Using Supercrew for other genres

On the original thread on RPG.Net that inspired this site, Princess Stacey posted:

When changing genres, make sure you hand out points accordingly – that is, you should always be rewarding people for enjoying the genre.

For instance, a while back one of my players wanted a more “simulationist” feel. He wanted that sense of being rewarded for coming up with good plans and stratagems. So I started to hand out points for clever stratagems – this encouraged a different feel than our horror game, where I handed out points to any player who took a foolish risk because they “didnt believe in ghosts.” And so on.

I think this is a great lead-in for some articles on using Supercrew for other genres. It seems to me with the right choice of abilities, method of rewarding extra Hero Points, a few unique Tricks, and some other minor trappings, you could convert it to run almost any genre easily. If anyone out there wants to try this and report the results, or has any good ideas for genre simulation rules, let us know.


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