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El Diablo Robotico by Slortar

“Ah, yes. The devil, he made a robot.”

El Diablo Robotico is the Devil’s most sinister creation yet, after the IRS. Arrayed with the latest in infernal technology and fueled by cheap tequila, it has a mind created from the souls of a thousand condemned criminals. It is truly the latest in robot serial killer mariachi technology.

The Devil’s Robot 2
[ ] Trumpet Blast (affects all players, players will also be deaf for 1 round if affected) 3
[ ] Fiery Breath 3
[ ] Smoke Cloud 2 (affects all players, no damage, but everyone affected loses a turn stumbling around in the dark)

Metal Armor 3

[ ] Telescoping Arms (Reroll)
[ ] Sinister Music (Effect 2)

Special: El Diablo Robotico takes an extra level of Effect per hit if the attack deals with rust or electricity.

Toughness: 4

I’d originally given him an oil slick power called “Montezuma’s Revenge” and was going to have him pee fire, but I figured an evil robot mariachi player was awesome enough as it is without added potty humor.


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