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Collapsing National Landmark by Slortar

Great Scott! Somebody’s pushed over the tallest and/or most notable building in your city and it’s starting to collapse!

Works for any tall landmark, such as the Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, Space Needle, or the CN Tower.

Gravity 2
[] [] Falling Glass 3
[] [] Civilian falls out of window (no damage, difficulty 2 to catch)
[] Enormous block of debris 4

[] Unpredictable Collapse (reroll dice)

Special: If the final attack does not in some way stabilize the building, it regains toughness back up to 2 and refreshes at least one of its abilities (roll d6: 1-2 Falling Glass, 3-4 Civilian, 5-6 Enormous Block of Debris)

Toughness: 4


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