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Supercrew with the Kids Pt.3 by yorrick

On a whim, after seeing this thread, I asked my kids (who have the day off from school) if they wanted to play a little Supercrew. They agreed, with my daughter taking the GM role.

My son created a character called Dr. Hulker:

* Rock Blast 1 [Trick: “Rock Spray,” Change Die to a 5]
* Super-Strength 2 [Trick: “Rock-Hammer,” Effect 2]
* Earthquake 3 [Trick: “Aftershock,” Re-roll dice]

His illustration looks vaguely like the Staypuff Marshmellow Man. A geologist given the power to transform into a reddish-hued Rock Monster.

I created Tobor the Robot Butler, Dr. Hulker’s trusty assistant:

* Experimental Database 1 [Trick: “Picked the Right Search String,” Effect 2]
* Omni-Arms 2 [Trick: “Precise Configuration,” Change 1 die to a 5]
* Multi-Beam 3 [Trick: “This Must Be the Wavelength,” Re-roll dice]

My illo is a basic Golden Age pulp-sci robot with antennae ears and knobby joints.

We were called from Dr. Hulker’s civilian office to respond to strange seismic activity localized at the nearby marina. En route Tobor’s radio picked up reports of strange costumed men in the vicinity.

My daughter’s villains were Scurvy, a souped up superstrong pirate with a pack of mutant dogs (The Scurvy Dogs, a special-use power), and Bonedry (A guy with exceptional agility and wind control powers). I think they were trying to cause a magma eruption at the marina. Why pirates were executing this ploy I’m not sure–I think there was some sort of treasure hidden in the area.

Without much preamble, we found the villains and began to fight after a good roll on Database gave us some idea of their abilities. Partway through my son decided to play “Pipeline” by Jerry Cole and “Wipeout” by the Ventures on the stereo as our battle theme music.

Long story short, Dr. Hulker got the best of Scurvy in a super-strong smackdown (I hit him with a tree! He hits you with a piling! I tear off a mast and whack him back!), rolling well enough to not use any of his tricks. But Scurvy managed to turn the tables by calling in the Scurvy Dogs in desperation.

Tobor went up against Bonedry. We canceled each other out for a couple rounds on our offensive and defensive rolls. Basically Bonedry tried to blow me into the air and into the sea, but I used my telescoping Omni-Arms to cling to the dock. In turn, his Agility allowed him to dodge my clumsy shots with detachable taser-fingers.

Seeing my creator go down, I rolled double 6’s to take out Scurvy. Then as I ran to help Dr. Hulker, Bonedry summoned a powerful wind to scoop up him and Scurvy and deposit them in Scurvy’s submersible pirate boat. They got away for the time being. Not sure if a followup is planned as another kid is coming over for a playdate soon and I don’t know if he would be interested.

This went a little better than last time my daughter ran a game. She’s still not entirely comfortable with the ways that villains are slightly different from heroes and hasn’t quite exploited how they can be designed. And the plots could have a little more thought to them. But they are easily on the level of stuff I used to watch in the SuperFriends, and considering that her brother is seven years old, we can’t get too sophisticated with stuff yet.


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