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The Fermatic Man! by SteveD

Daniel Coston was just a mediocre clairvoyant until he accidentally made contact with the late great Dr Fermat. Now Daniel knows the secret of Fermat’s Last Proof, the powers it gave him and why he went insane, and the two of them now use their powers to fight crime – when they can work out who’s in charge!

3 dice: The Ultimate Solution. The Fermatic Man has already beaten you, he just needs to check his math. (Trick: Reroll. “Forgot to Carry the One…”)

2 Dice: Triangulated Shot. Pythagoras would have been a great gunslinger. (Trick: Set to 5. “Did I miss? Perhaps not” (kapwing))

1 Dice: Speak to the Dead. There’s more out there than Dr Fermat. (Trick: Effect 2, the Doctor calls some friends in personally).

Toughness 3
Hero Ponts: 0
Anecdote Bonus []


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