The Fortress of Solid-Rules

The unofficial Supercrew fansite

Threnchcoat Katana Fangs

An alternate setting for The Supercrew

It is a world of darkness. Strange beings prowl the night, and beneath the thin social veneer of society lurk all manner of twisted beings that feed on humanity. Most notable of these grim fiends are the Vampires; the consummate social predators, powerful and alluring. Most are fearful mosnters. Some are all too tragically human. All of them are embroiled in a fierce secret war for dominance, each one competing for power and status with the others. And a rare few simply seek peace and even redemption.

Everyone plays vampires in TKF. Abilities are generated as per a regular Supercrew game, except for the following; firstly, they must be horrific or some variation of a classic vampire myth. Second, all vampires have the same one-die power; Feed. Instead of gaining Hero points for using this ability, they gain 1d3 Blood points. They are otherwise used just like Hero points, except they can also be spent to recharge tricks. Vampires start with two blood points at the beginning of a session.

The consequences of failing to feed can be varied, such as being discovered, overfeeding on your victim, not finding a human and being forced to squat in a sewer to feed on rats and so on. These can fuel potential conflicts!

Tricks are also specific expressions of vampiric prowess, sometimes unique to the vampire using them or perhaps a signifier of their unique bloodline. Where abilities are classic vampiric powers, tricks can be more esoteric.

Of course, the players are the rare kind of moral vampire avenger and must balance their prowess with the guilt of using human blood for power. Each player has a Guilt track. Every time they use their highest-rated ability, fail a feed roll or indulge their evil sides, they add one to this track. When they have accumulated 3 points of Guilt, they can no longer use their most powerful ability until they’ve done something humane or heroic to assuage their guilt. The GM tells the players when they can lower their Guilt, and all the vampires start with 0 guilt at the beginning of each session.

Vampires are made of stern stuff, so each one has toughness 4 to compensate for their relative weaknesses. Vampires take one extra damage from fire attacks, and of course they don’t want to stay out in the sun.


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