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Time Team Go! by Slortar


< metaplot begin! >
Dr Exposition has created a team of time-travelling crime-fighters to keep history on track! However, Evil Forces are trying to remove everything of interest that history has to offer! Can you stop the Texas Board Of Education from reducing history to bland featurelessness?

< metaplot end! >

Characters can be any historical figure, from any time period. Time travel can be used by any character, but should probably only be used with group consensus.

Outside of the metaplot given above, you can use the following episode generator:

Random Episode Generator


Roll d6:
1 Artist
2 Famous Inventor
3 Historical Group (Pilgrims, the Huns, Vikings, whatever)
4 National Leader (Presidents, Kings, Prime Ministers, Chancellors, Dictators, Generals and so on)
5 Religious Figure
6 Writer

What’s the problem?

Roll d6:
1 They’re Eeeeevil now and must be stopped (1d6: 1 mind-controlled by Martians, 2 replaced by evil robot versions of themselves, 3 mirror universe versions switched places with them, 4 just flat out had enough and went bad, 5-6 they’ve been eeeevil all along and just been hiding it)
2 They’ve lost their mojo and need help to accomplish their most famous act!
3 A natural disaster is keeping them from doing what they have to do! (Evil Landmark, Kraken in the Potomac, whatever)
4 A group of bad guys has kidnapped them! Roll again on “Who” to find out who dunnit!
5 A famous item/landmark associated with them has been stolen by bad guys and they need to get it back!
6 Roll twice and try to make sense of things!


Roll d10
1-6 None
7 The Texas Board Of Education has sent Bad Guys to hinder the group!
8 “Marty! It’s me from 2 hours in the future!” Do you trust yourselves or not?
9 A time rift opens after a few hours! Something attacks! (Roll d6: 1-2 Dinosaurs, 3-4 Evil Robots From The Future! 5-6 Cavemen!)
10 Roll twice! heavily “inspired” (read: blatantly stolen from) Time Squad.

Kris Knife 3
Kung Fu Badass 2
Spiritual Leader 1

Aggressive Resistance (reroll)
Sneaky (change a die to 5)
Poison (Effect 2)


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