The Fortress of Solid-Rules

The unofficial Supercrew fansite

Lord Dictionary

Not quite a man, not quite a manual of reference, Lord Dictionary has made it his mission to stem the tide of poor English that threatens to destroy his perceived purity of the language. His source of power is the strange jewel he wears about his neck; without it he’s entirely powerless. His expression changes by rapidly turning the pages of the book that now makes up his head.

Forceful grammar correction 2
[ ] Book to the Head 3

[ ][ ] I before E except after C (Effect 2); Can only be used when a hero uses improper grammar in his presence.

Toughness: 3

Ay and Zed

Lord Dictionary’s strange henchletters are said to have sprung forth from the book/man hybrid that is Lord Dictionary when the strange jewel fused man and grammar. They have served him faithfully ever since.

The smart one 1
The stupid one 1
[ ] Brains and Brawn 2

Toughness 4

“Duh, Why’d you wanna do something like that to Ay, chief?”


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