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Smoke and Mirrors by Slortar

The most infamous supervillain team-up to hit the streets since Sugar and Spice, Smoke and Mirrors specializes in improbable thefts (and cackling villainy). Mirrors is the brains of the gang; Smoke provides muscle.

Vincent G. Donahue was the president of a big tobacco company until sales slumped. Now that his company’s collapsed, he’s turned to the dark side. Using a special prototype pipe developed by R&D, he profiteers as Smoke, the fuming terror.

Corn Cob Pipe 2
[ ] Ghastly Fumes 2 (affects the entire party)
[ ] [ ] Bonk with Pipe 3

[ ] Miasma (one die roll becomes a 5)
[ ] Plausible Deniability (reroll)

Toughness: 3

Wolfgang von Mirrors was once one of Germany’s greatest stage magicians. After an incident with a wand that was unfortunately more magical than he originally realized, he became a living mirror. Realizing this for the career opportunity he’d been waiting for, he took up a life of crime. Whenever shiny objects are in town, Mirrors is waiting to steal them.

Master of Illusion 2
[ ] [ ] Reflection! 3 If the attack is successful, for the next few turns (one for each level of effect), the character affected will do exactly the opposite of what the player says.

[ ] Shiny (reroll)
[ ] Baffling Illusion (change die roll to 5)

Special: Reflective Surface! Mirrors always defends against light-based attacks with 4 dice. If he gets more than 2 successes than whatever he’s defending against, he can bounce the attack into another opponent, with 2 dice of effect.

Toughness: 3


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