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The Boolean Operator by KreenWarrior

operatorThe Boolean Operator is a highly skilled secret agent, whose experimental suit gives him the power to separate and merge people, places and things!

Super Secret Agent: 2
NOT (The Operator creates a repulsion field, pushing people away from himself or each other [][]: 3
AND (The Operator merges two opponents into one freakishly mutated creature) [] []: 3

Wildcard!: The Operator appears in multiple places at once for a brief period of time (Change one die to a 5)
Merge!: The Operator merges himself with an opponent, allowing him to take control for a while (Reroll the dice)

Toughness: 4


One response to “The Boolean Operator by KreenWarrior

  1. Redforce October 20, 2009 at 1:41 pm

    It just occured to me that The Boolean Operator would make a nifty arch-enemy for Binary Girl- perhaps he was Louise’s co-worker or research assistant. He was driven insane by the knowledge of the Ur-Program, and he lay in a coma until revived and recruited by the obligatory Shadowy Government Agency as a black-ops agent. The heroes can stop him, but they can’t beat him up too much or bring him in.

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