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60-A-Day-Man by Hafwit

Socrates Grime, chain-smoker, occultist, antihero. One dull night in a lenghty focus group interview for Asmodeus Tobacco, something clicked for (then) young Socrates, and he begun channeling the mystic power of the tobacco road. Many a villain has been chilled to the bone by hearing an emphysematic cough behind him. He doesn’t refer to himself as 60-A-Day-Man, but others do, to his great annoyance.

(I can’t draw, but Socrates looks like John Contantine’s dad might).


(1): Occultist
Socrates is well-versed in the occult arts, names of spirits, organizations, grimoires and practitioners. It backfires on him when he tries to accomplish something through a half-remembered ritual.

(2): Obscuring Smoke
Socrates blows out a puff of smoke that impedes vision and disorient those who depend on sight.

(3): Smoke Gets Into Everything
Socrates literally transform himself into smoke, allowing him to drift slowly and creep in almost everywhere.


(Reroll): Packet Fate
Tear off the inner wrapper of a cigarette packet and you’ll find a weird little set of numbers and symbols. The mundane believe that those symbols are a code used by the packager or printer. Socrates knows that those sigils are communications from the divine. The Smoker can use a new packet of cigarettes to divine the future of the person who bought the packet.

(Change to 5): The Camel
Socrates summons a vaguely camel-like spirit to perform a task for him. It is strong, stupid and reeks of tobacco.

(Effect: 2): I Think Your Lung’s Over There
This is an out and out attack, and does not work on anything that does not breathe.

(The powers and tricks were inspired by something I read a long time on the Unknown Armies site).


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