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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Doomsday Device by Hafwit

This thing looks like a cross between a parabola and an over-sized howitzer. Created by a truly mad genius, the idea is simply that the weapon (called the Everlasting God-Stopper in a moment of inappropriate levity) will be used to shoot the Creator. If fired it’s more likely to create an uncontrolled dimensional rift, which will most likely tear the Earth apart. Luckily for our implied heroes, it takes some time for the monstrosity to power up.

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Mech Warrior

Continuing my delve into my role-playing past …

As I have said before, I started superhero RPGs with Villains and Vigilantes, before switching to Champions a year or so later. The main group I ran during this time played a UK-based team called The Guardians.

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A few villains, using BlackSheep's model by Hafwit

In The Hoosegow

Until 2004, Junction City, Oregon was a small peaceful burg, mostly known for its annual Scandinavian Festival. Sooner or later the world does come crashing in, and now the nice people of Junction City live in the vicinity of Shadow Hills Penitentiary For Extraordinary Criminals, a state-of-the-art prison for super-villains*. In the following we will look at some of the herostratically famous residents.

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Four-color supers- literally

The concept (influenced by Gestaltbennie’s Gestalts):

In a higher dimension lies the essence of Avatars, pure energy waiting to be molded by a sentient race’s hopes and dreams (and nightmares and fears). They are the source for many cultures’ myths and stories. In this particular world, that energy has manifested as superheroes and villains.

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The Remedy by Hafwit

The Remedy is not human, rather it is a bioroid, a biological robot, sent from the far future, in order to stop a plague which will all but destroy the human race. As such, The Remedy has no family, no real gender, and no real affiliation or purpose, beyond healing humanity. As such it acts with a detached concern and kindness, which some people find eerie.

The Remedy’s knowledge of our present and the time between today and its own wrecked ‘home time’ is patchy and imperfect, but it sometimes has uncanny insights into how things will turn out.

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