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Poley Bear

Image by Storn Cook

Background: Poley was born in a dimension populated by anthropomorphic animals, to a family of working class polar bears. He was a rowdy cub who was nevertheless instilled with a sense of right and wrong. As a young man he gravitated towards the police force, seeing how crime had changed his old neighborhood. He was often at odds with the the brass and their political ambitions. Poley got a reputation as a tough, hard-drinking maverick police detective.

During a fight with the henchbeasts of The Ocelot (experimental physicist-turned-criminal mastermind), he fell though a seriously unstable particle warp and ended up on our Earth. Since then Poley has fought crime, working uneasily with both the police force and the Skintight Brigade, as need dictates.

3 – Tommy Gun (Reroll – ‘Hail Of Bullets’)
2 – Anthrpomorphic Polar Bear (Effect 2 – ‘Bear Hug’)
1 – Maverick Detective (Change Roll to ‘5’ – ‘Unconventional Methods’)

He’s a bear. The detective work gets him into trouble, the tommy gun gets him out of it.


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