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Another blast from my superhero role-playing game past. This player-character of mine dates from 1986-88 and was run under ‘Champions’.

Emily Winters, a lawyer, suffered from a rare disease which caused her muscles to degenerate. She underwent an experimental procedure to deal with it, which involved lacing her skin and muscles with artificial fibres, powered by a small atomic cell. It worked, but due to a fault in the cell, an unexpected side effect was that she became bullet-proof tough, ridiculously strong (for short periods), and could discharge electrical energy. She kept this aspect of her treatment secret.

For a few years she operated as part of an ad-hoc team with druidic sorceror Skye and mutated scientist The Geek.

Blitzgeist lost her powers when, during an operation to cure her of lycanthropy (of all things), the doctor spotted the ‘fault’ in her atomic cell and fixed it. A few months later, however, her powers resurfaced when a team for whom she was doing some legal work was slaughtered by a powerful, sadistic villain.

1 – Tough Body
2 – Electrical Discharge
3 – Superhuman Strength

Change Roll to ‘5’ – Accelerated Healing (Tough Body)
Effect 2 – Wide Area Attack (Electrical Discharge)
Reroll – Insanely Stubbon (Strength)


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