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Green Jester by Hafwit

One lonesome night in the biology lab, nebbishe bio student Jacob Delaney found the building block of life, the primordial slime! It took a liking to him, and presented itself as Father Ooze. Being a comic book fan, Jacob decided to use this discovery for fighting injustice, instead of turning the world of natural science on its head.

1 – Acrobatics
2 – Wisecracking Pest
3 – Father Ooze (A lump of protoplasm with a friendly face. It can shape itself into useful shapes, a la the energy from Green Lantern’s ring, or the genie in Disney’s Aladdin).

Truly Ancient Insight (Father Ooze) – Effect 2
Primal Shapes (Father Ooze) – Change Roll To 5
Panicked Evasion (Acrobatics) – Reroll


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