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Scarlet Siren

Multi-millionaire Donald Statham married Helen Cromer after he saw her debut in a leading role with a famous opera company.  People said that he’d fallen in love with her voice.  Alas, this was tragically true.  Helen was killed in an automobile accident after only four years of marriage, leaving her distraught husband and a two year old daughter, Katherine.  Donald Statham’s obsession with his wife’s singing led him on a mad crusade to re-create her voice in his daughter.  Young Kitty Statham was given voice teachers from the age of three, took special medication, and by the age of twenty had had four separate operations on her vocal cords, all in pursuit of her father’s obsession.  Kitty had plenty of attention, and her father’s wealth meant she never lacked for comfort, but it was his love she craved, and he had love only for that voice.

After the last operation and the therapy and drug treatments that followed it, it seems that Donald Statham had succeeded.   His daughter could, indeed, duplicate her mother’s glorious singing, but that was not all she could do with her voice.  Kitty discovered that with the power of her voice, she could control people, sapping their will, and even getting them to do her bidding.    Her amazement and delight at her power in no way diminished her anger at her father for not loving her, which by this time had turned to outright hatred.   One night at a party at her father’s penthouse, she used the power of her voice to induce her boyfriend at the time to shove her father off the balcony, and send him plummeting to the pavement twenty stories below.

The boyfriend was convicted of the murder, but there was enough circumstantial evidence for Kitty to get a conviction as an accessory.  She received only a suspended sentence, but the conviction and controversy was enough to tie up her inheritance.  Now desperate, she turned to the power of her voice to bail her out.   Putting on a red dress and a mask, she turned to a life of crime as the Scarlet Siren.

Her M.O. is simple.  She simply walks into a place singing, and asks for what she wants, be it money, jewelry, or anything she might need at the moment.  After a few encounters with deaf would-be victims, she’s taken to employing hired help to deal with the recalcitrants.   The police can not hold her.  After all, she just sings to them, and they stand there slack-jawed as she walks away.

Hypnotic Voice 2
Siren Song 1 (affects everybody within hearing range)
[] Primal Scream 3
[] Allure 3 (victim is at -1 die the next round)

[] Harmonics (reroll)

Toughness 4


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