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The Wild Man From Borneo by Hafwit

He’s the star of Captain Midnite’s travelin’ show
Came to this circus many moons ago.
His mother’s in your storybooks, she loved a jungle king,
Left him standin’ here alone inside the center ring.

In a bamboo cage he crossed the ragin’ sea,
A livin’ page torn clean from history.
A hairy, scary, legendary screamin’ souvenir,
Now don’t you get too close to him, don’t you get too near.

Kinky Friedman – The Wild Man From Borneo

Maybe he’s a man in a bestial body, like the X-Man Beast, maybe he’s barely above animal state. In any case he’s a somewhat pulpy and melancholy figure.

1 – Jungle Instincts
2 – Animal Vigor
3 – Bestial Rage

Natural Born Parkour (Animal Vigor) – Reroll
BERSERK! (Bestial Rage) – Change Roll to 5
Tracking By Scent ((Jungle Instincts) – Effect: 2


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