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Kaptain Kobold

OK, it’s time to do Supercrew properly.
You see, in the game as written, you’re supposed to play a superheroic version of yourself. None of this ‘design Wolverine or Batman’ nonsense; the hero is supposed to be you.

I first picked up the nickname ‘Kobold’ when we played D&D at school in the 70s, but at some stage (probably when we started playing superhero games instead) it picked up the ‘Kaptain’ prefix, with the all-important alliterative ‘K’. About 12 years ago I needed a unique Yahoo ID, and, amazingly, ‘Kaptain Kobold’ wasn’t taken. It’s been my online ID (well, my primary online ID) since then.

Two years ago, through the wonders of Lego, Kaptain Kobold made his comic strip debut, as part of my 365 Days self-portrait project. He’s appeared infrequently, but regularly since then, in a series of improbable adventures and poor-quality jokes.

You can see his adventures here.

And now it’s time to give him the Supercrew treatment.

I’ve never sat down and defined his powers, but he can fly, and aways seems to defeat foes by punching them. So evidence would suggest that he’s a bit of a Captain Britain type – strong, tough and airborne. Which gives us:

3 – Invincibility
2 – Flight
1 – Super-Strength

Change Roll To ‘5’ – Poor Quality Quip (Invincible)
Reroll – Impressive Cape (Flight)
Effect 2 – Knockout Punch (Strength)

I’ve made his flight his primary ability, since that’s the one he uses the most. On the ground he’s strong but, in superhero terms, not exceptional. The Invincibility can represent simple invunerability to harm, but also dumb luck, stubborness or the favouritism of his writer 🙂

And, because the game demands it – pictures. The one of the left dates from the mid-Eighties, whilst the Lego incarnation above is more recent.


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