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The Green Family: Brilliant – Dedicated – Dysfunctional by Hafwit

The Green family consists of the children of Seneca Green, brilliant scientist, innovator, and to be perfectly frank, not a family man. Seneca, professor of physics and civil engineering, was a man with a calling and a vision: he wanted to make the world better, to ensure that people would enter life on an equal footing, and not be slaves to social heritage or haunting genetic flaws. This left him little time for his family.

His wife, Prunella Green nee Chalmers was a nuclear physicist and painter and they allegedly met while working on the top secret government project RERUN*. They shared an idealism, an almost religious trust in hard science, and both wanted children that could inherit the brave new world they had created. However, Prunella would gradually discover that Seneca was more enamored with the idea of a family (and indeed the idea of married life) than domestic life itself. Also, while he might be a visionary, his ideas about gender roles were a bit old-fashioned.
In total they had five or six children (more on this puzzling point later). In the following we shall see how they turned out.

Imperial Green: When Imperial was born, the Greens were still riding high on idealism and love. As such, Imperial received much love, and crushing expectations in equal measure. At this time Prunella and Seneca were dabbling in corrective genetics, and as a consequence, young Imperial came to see the world as a series of tests, and people as the sum of their shortcomings. Today, the science hero Doctor Imperial is a great asset to the world of capes, but a very introverted person when not lecturing students or saving the world.

Vienna Green: Prunella was very happy to learn that she was expecting a daughter, but it hardly registered with Seneca, who had moved from genetics to trying to create an easily mass-marketable power suit. This changed as a soon as little Vienna was out of her diapers and proved a wunderkind when it came to electronics. This often brought her at odds with her older brother, who saw her as a rival rather than a sibling. As adults the two are formal with each other, but have learned to work together harmoniously (if only for short periods).
It was a chance discovery by Vienna which lead to her parents’ (mostly her father’s) later obsession with extra-dimensional energies, and she still occasionally feels guilty about How Things Turned Out.

Today Vienna is a professor at MIT, a mother of two daughters, a divorcee, and very occasionally the formidable superheroine Queen Tachyon.

Schweinfurt Green: Schweinfurt was rather a surprise. Seneca was busy writing a series of books about the Many-world theory, re-evaluating Hugh Everett’s ideas and outlining a new society. Prunella helped him occasionally, but had decided that she needed ”some time off from the whole circus”, and consequently, Schweinfurt was the first of the children who wasn’t home-schooled.
Now, a kid called Schweinfurt WILL get teased at any normal school, and this school ”for gifted children” was certainly normal. Schweinie often acted up, and Prunella (or some say a robot copy) was often having talks with his teachers. He was finally thrown out when he threatened other students with a creature ”like a squirrel made of knives, man!” as one witness put it. It was later discovered that Schweinie had used his father’s lab to summon this ‘pet’ from the dimension known as the Warsphere. After that Schweinie was mostly left to his own devices, and would often think up complicated schemes to annoy his siblings. By this time Prunella was pregnant with Emerald, and built a small army or robots to deal with the children, and with domestic chores.

Today Schweinie goes by the name of the Usurper, and he’s a bona fide science villain. Using some of his father’s technology, he has explored many dimensions and alternate earth. He has proved adept at finding new strange tech and henchbeings in far-off places, but has been unsuccessful in shaking the fact that he was born Schweinfurt Green.

Emerald Green: Unlike Schweinfurt, Emerald was quite a social child. By this time, Prunella occupied herself with her painting, but had gotten out of her dark mood, mostly by ignoring her increasingly obsessed husband it seemed. Emerald did well in school, although not exceptionally so, but was good at sports and well-liked by teachers and peers. At home she was almost always on good terms with her (often squabbling) elder siblings, even the increasingly difficult Schweinfurt. As she grew into her teens she took home a succession of boyfriends, none of whom Seneca had time to disapprove of.
Seneca’s research these years had taken a turn for the downright mystic. He often collaborated with super-wizards like the Blue Magus and John Hermeticus, and on several occasions aided the unhinged vigilante Clampdown. This soured Emerald on the whole cape scene, and she is the only one of the Green siblings who has never had any direct dealing with the world of superheroics.

Today, Emerald is a socialite, living well off her parents’ patents, as well as her her own exclusive line of women’s fashion. She’s something of a style guru, and has written columns on the fashion wrld for several magazines and websites. Emerald likes her family, but tries her best to avoid the drama that comes with superhero life.

Parrot Green: As an infant, little Parrot was often sick. To the obsessive Seneca, this looked like a job that could be solved through proper application of extradimensional energies. Despite warnings from his associates and protests from Prunella and Vienna, he opened up a brief portal to a plane of pure energy and infused Parrot with a tiny amount. To his credit, it worked. In a sense it worked too well. Even as a toddler, Parrot was strong enough to lift a car, and as he grew, so did his strength and resilience. His powers came with their own drawbacks. He would fixate on patterns and had trouble snapping out of these trance-like states. Parrot also developed a tendency to echolalia. “It sucks having to live with that kind of irony”, he once remarked. Parrot became the superhero Vigor, as he “didn’t feel up to the stress of regular life”. He still keeps his robot nanny POPPINS-9000 around as a ‘sidekick’.

When Parrot was ten, disaster struck. Seneca had finally succeeded in opening a gate to the Qlippoth, the hungry state of non-being the exists beyond the worlds. He was devoured as he frantically sought to undo what he had done. Seneca managed to do this, but was killed in the violent collision between being and non-being. Prunella had been working nearby, and also quickly succumbed to the bale influence. In the space of one evil night, the Green siblings were orphans.
The next weeks went by in a strange daze. Seneca’s mystic associates came by to offer their condolences, and to make sure that there was no lingering qlippothic taint. Harsh words were exchanged when their visits coincided with visits from Prunella and Seneca’s colleagues in the science community. In the midst of this chaos, the kids (Imperial was 26 at this point, Parrot was ten) had to contend with life on their own, as well as discovering that they sometimes had a little brother.

Mitis Green: There shouldn’t really be a Mitis Green, as both his parents were dead before he came into being. Indeed ,whether Mitis exists or not is not an easy question to answer, The young man occupies a position between being and non-being.
When Mitis doesn’t exist, Parrot is the youngest of the Green siblings. However when he does exist, everyone remember him as though he had always been a (relatively) normal member of the family. It took the arcane insight of The Blue Magus and John Hermeticus to bring this oddity to light. Now his siblings almost remember him, even when he is ‘absent’, though he will often slip their minds. In a sense there is nothing to remember. When he exists, Mitis has the potentially calamitous power to channel the Void through his body. He is a somewhat antisocial young man, but can be induced to fight on the side of good. Mostly. He feels closest to his sisters, but sometimes goes on a bender with Parrot. They’re both a bit confused by existence.

Imperial Green/Doctor Imperial
3 – Repulsor Ray
2 – Power Armor
1 – Practical Science

Change Roll to ‘5’ – Reconfiguring the system in the field (Power armor)
Effect 2 – I’ll blow you into next week! (Repulsor Ray)
Reroll – Just something I cooked up (Practical Science)

Vienna Green/Queen Tachyon
3 – Teleportation
2 – Flight
1 – Disruption Ray

Change Roll to ‘5’ – Zipp! (Flight)
Effect 2 – You Never Saw Her Coming (Teleportation)
Reroll – Scattershot (Disruption Ray)

Schweinfurt Green/The Usurper
Really a villain, but I decided to build him on the same ‘scale’ as his siblings
3 – Dimensional Travel
2 – Weird Science
1 – Angry Runt

Change Roll to ‘5’ – Blink (Dimensional Travel)
Effect 2 – Otherworldly Gizmo (Weird Science)
Reroll – DON’T CALL ME SCHWEINFURT! (Angry Runt)

Emerald Green
(Here I’m trying to stat a person who very much doesn’t want to be a superheroine, but will be embroiled nonetheless).
3 – Rejected Birthright
2 – Socialite
1 – Fame puts you there where things are hollow

Change Roll to ‘5’ – I’d like to ask the audience ( Fame puts you there where things are hollow)
Effect 2 – LEAVE ME OUT OF YOUR SUPER-WHATSIT! (Rejected Birthright)
Reroll – Who would harm this face? (Socialite)

Parrot Green/Vigor
3 – Explosive Lifeforce
2 – Super-strength
1 – Invulnerability

Change Roll to ‘5’ – Bouncing bullets off the chest (Invulnerability)
Effect 2 – Piledriver (Super-strength)
Reroll – Concussive Beam (Explosive Lifeforce)

Mitis Green
3 – Qlippothic Invasion
2 – Does whatever it takes
1 – I don’t exist

Change Roll to ‘5’ – Disappeared (I don’t exist)
Effect 2 – Low Blow (Does whatever it takes)
Reroll – Draining Touch (Qlippothic Invasion)

Pet from the Warsphere
2 – ”like a squirrel made of knives, man!”
Change Roll to ‘5’ – Cuddly until he strikes
Toughness: 2

2 – Cybernetic Caregiver
Effect 2-Mama Bear On All Cylinders
Toughness: 4

The Blue Magus
3 – Eldritch Blast
2 – Staff of Power
1 – Old Mystic

Change Roll to ‘5’ – Arcane senses (Old Mystic)
Effect 2 – Golden Chains of the Lawgiver (Eldritch Blast)
Reroll – Defense against Darkness (Staff of Power)

John Hermeticus
3 – Devil’s own luck
2 – Hellfire Control
1 – Streetwise Sorcerer

Change Roll to ‘5’ – Freak Accident (Devil’s own luck)
Effect 2 – Hotter than the heart of Hades! (Hellfire Control)
Reroll – It takes one to know one (Streetwise sorcerer)

3 – The Fire of Righteousness
2 – Deadly Brawler
1 – Sin Sense

Change Roll to ‘5’ – Uppercut (Deadly Brawler)
Effect 2 – SINNER! (The Fire of Righteousness)
Reroll – Nowhere to run (sin sense)

A group of extra-dimensional henchbeings
(Really, Usurper’s underlings can look like anything)
This group consists of a slowly levitating squid, punk-rock Howard Taft, a man-sized mantis, a will-o-the-wisp, and a Cubist robot.

2 – Kicking Kiester
Toughness: 5
Alien (The henchbeings can roll two dice against two attacks/round)
*People on conspiracy websites refer to RERUN as ”The MANHATTAN project without the fuckups”.


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