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Bellona by Hafwit

Sigrid Lind was a technician at the Swedish nuclear power plant Barsebäck. Located just 20 kilometers from Copenhagen, Denmark, it was fortuitous that when disaster struck, it did so in an unexpected way. These days Sigrid finds it hard to look on the bright side. A freak nuclear reaction aligned her brain’s electromagnetic field with that of Battle Mistress Aressa of the dimension known as the Warsphere. When the moment passed, Sigrid found that her body had forgotten many of its properties. She was now the first human-warspherian hybrid, and engine of war with the more nuanced emotions of a human being.

These days she keeps Sweden safe from occult biker gangs, and the occasional mountain troll, and can’t help but feel a little cheated.

3 – Shield of Alien Metal
2 – Warrior Woman
1 – Acrobatics

Change Roll to ‘5’ – Thrown shield (Shield of Alien Metal)
Effect 2 – Flurry of Blades (Warrior Woman)
Reroll – Got ‘im on the backswing (Warrior Woman)


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