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A few villains, using BlackSheep's model by Hafwit

In The Hoosegow

Until 2004, Junction City, Oregon was a small peaceful burg, mostly known for its annual Scandinavian Festival. Sooner or later the world does come crashing in, and now the nice people of Junction City live in the vicinity of Shadow Hills Penitentiary For Extraordinary Criminals, a state-of-the-art prison for super-villains*. In the following we will look at some of the herostratically famous residents.

The Blunt Instrument (thug)

Desmond is a mutant, born with red leathery skin and great strength. His mother was single and quite poor, and like many kids in his neighborhood he got into petty crime. For many years he worked as a driver and bodyguard for a local drug kingpin, but tired of being ‘the freak’ who was dismissed for his looks and ridiculed for his slow wit. He then sought out allies among costumed criminals.
He has worked with The Mistress (who gave him his nickname) as well as with many small-time powered crooks. He has so far not managed to strike it rich, or even stay out of jail.

1 – Superstrength

Toughness: 2

[] 2 – This punch could knock out a rhino

The Mistress (villain)

The Mistress (or Adrienne Corbeau, Sandra Asp, Emilia Wolf or any of a number of aliases) is a bit of a mystery. She claims to be the illegitimate child of an American Jesuit and a French mathematician. She was raised by her mother, but her father often visited, and her parents taught her logic, higher math, languages and encouraged her to explore the world. Despite her father’s insistence, she decided to reject Catholicism (and religion in general).
‘Adrienne Corbeau’ first appears as a brilliant student of mathematics at Oxford, but disappears again upon her graduation. She next appears a year later, as the mastermind behind the theft of the ‘Star of Mont-Blanc’, a piece of crystal with unique attributes (and purportedly of extra-terrestrial origins). Since then, Adrienne has worked as a ‘mastermind for hire’ for the Mafia, the Reformed Green Gang, the Septagon, and even D.O.O.M.
The moniker ‘The Mistress’ was given to her by the press, who cast her as a leather-clad vixen and possible love interest for the Night Shifter. She has taken to using the name ‘ironically’.
The Mistress is known for her meticulously planned heists, for always having a contingency plan, and for being adverse to violence. The last is not entirely true, and she will use as much force as needed.

2 – Acrobatics
2 – Lightning Mind

Toughness: 3

[] Just as I anticipated (Effect 2)
[] 3 – PLAN B!

Mrs. Darkness (Arch Enemy/Group)

Mrs. Darkness is not so much a person as a roving consciousness, a personality bent on expansion and, seemingly, the absolute subjugation of the human race. Interviews have proven difficult (since the consciousness spreads through communication), and Mrs. Darkness has variously claimed to be an alien intelligence, the ghost of a cold war spy, and a memetic weapon, so the creature’s true nature’s uncertain at best.

Mrs. Darkness’ tactics are very predictable though. She will try to take over a female figure of authority, and slowly spread from there. Victims will be talkative and seem excited about some new discovery, and as they tell you about what’s on their mind, your mid will quickly and decisively be taken over. Science heroes like Doctor Imperial and Salvage have speculated that Mrs. Darkness could be transferred through writing, although it would likely take longer. Beware who you talk to on the internet!
Currently, Mrs. Darkness is trapped in the body of Deirdre Scales, former CEO of Silver Star Security where it seems to have taken root. She is locked in a soundproof room, and allowed no writing utensils.

Mrs. Darkness (in core body)
3 – Inhuman Drive
3 – Infectious Speech

Toughness: 5

[] 3 – Sensory Overload (affects everyone within hearing distance)
[] This body’s just a tool (reroll)

Mrs. Darkness (infected group)
2 – Uninhibited violence
2 – Concentrated effort

[] 2 – Sensory Overload (affects everyone within hearing distance) (Mrs. Darkness’ power is less potent when spread over many bodies)
[] Frighteningly coordinated

*Junction City, OR is a real place, and Shadows Hill is the name of the nearby country club. Everything beyond that is fiction.


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