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Four-color supers- literally

The concept (influenced by Gestaltbennie’s Gestalts):

In a higher dimension lies the essence of Avatars, pure energy waiting to be molded by a sentient race’s hopes and dreams (and nightmares and fears). They are the source for many cultures’ myths and stories. In this particular world, that energy has manifested as superheroes and villains.

These superpowered Avatars exist in four colors, and these four colors (which, not coincidentally, match the colors of Marvel SAGA non-Doom cards) represent four separate archetypes. Now, the catch is that this energy bonds with a being that closely matches its archetype. The new superpowered individual will exhibits traits of its Avatar’s color, in costume, powers, and skin color. The individual will begin to behave in a more extreme, exaggerated way corresponding to its Avatar’s archetype as well.

For example: Assume the Red Avatar has an archetype of the Trickster. The concept of a Trickster god has existed for milennia in the myths of many Earth cultures, but in this case the trickster gods are quite real. A person who bonds with a Red Avatar will be an inveterate prankster, a party animal, a thrill-seeker and adventurer, an inveterate con-man and gambler, or perhaps vain and craving attention. This behavior will be magnified as a superbeing. The superbeing’s costume will be primarily shades of red, and the person may have red hair and/or skin. Their powers will have a red glow or red ‘special effects’, such as a bright red energy blast, a red aftertrail when flying, or a shimmering red forcefield. Their powers will tend to be those associated with a trickster, such as illusion powers, shapeshifting, or superspeed.

The system I want to use would be Supercrew, with some simple rules such as extra tricks to reflect the Avatar’s possible archetypes. For instance, the Trickster could have The Gambler archetype- the player can re-roll any action, but must accept the new results. The Avatars are a great way to create unified character concepts, because the characters are almost literally walking gods. However, I am afraid it may be too limiting to those used to regular supers games.

Here is a complete list of the Avatars by color, with a brief description:

GREEN– The Beast. Driven by strong emotions such as anger, revenge, or hunger, unyielding, never changing.
Examples: Batman, Hulk, Galactus

RED- The Trickster. The laughing lunatic, the merry prankster, the deceiver, the adventurer.
Examples: Plastic Man, Mr. Mxyzptlk, The Human Torch

BLUE- The Seeker. Seeking a higher purpose or meaning, but may be driven mad by the obsession.
Examples: Mr. Fantastic, The Question, Darkseid (seeking the Anti-life formula)

PURPLE– The Paragon. The exemplar, the protector, the higher ideal.
Examples: Superman, Captain America, Dr. Doom


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