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Mech Warrior

Continuing my delve into my role-playing past …

As I have said before, I started superhero RPGs with Villains and Vigilantes, before switching to Champions a year or so later. The main group I ran during this time played a UK-based team called The Guardians.

Mech Warrior was the leader of The Guardians. Like all of the characters, his background and origins were a little sketchy (at that time in our lives we tended not to bother with that kind of stuff if we could help it), but basically he was a normal guy who was hideously smashed about in an accident, and then offered the chance of a new life courtesy of experimentl cybernetic enhancements. Basically he had polished silver arms and legs, both of which were filled with various gadgets. I seem to recall that we made a deliberate design decision not to give him super-strength, as that was always a cyborg cliche. He worked as a special agent for UNLED, who were the big ‘good guy’ organisation in our campaign world.

As with all characters from that time, he underwent various changes as we switched rule systems, and learned to use the Champions system more skillfully. In Supercrew terms he would come out like this:

Mech Warrior
(Cyborg agent)

3 – Force Field Fists
2 – Cyborg Gadgetry
1 – Agent of UNLED

Change Roll to ‘5’ – Jet Boots (Gadgetry)
Effect 2 – Gas Bombs (Gadgetry)
Reroll – Leadership (Agent of UNLED)

Basically Mech Warrior’s arms and legs are stuffed full of various gadgets and gizmos; the nice thing about Supercrew is that you can basically make up whatever seems reasonable as you go along. I certainly remember various micro-grenades, and jet boots which enabled him to fly (or, at least, superleap with style). The arms could also generate force fields which enabled him to boost his punch, or shield himself from attacks. His Rank 1 ability represents agent training and contacts.

If I was doing this over, I’d lose the name ‘Mech Warrior’ as well


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