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Doomsday Device by Hafwit

This thing looks like a cross between a parabola and an over-sized howitzer. Created by a truly mad genius, the idea is simply that the weapon (called the Everlasting God-Stopper in a moment of inappropriate levity) will be used to shoot the Creator. If fired it’s more likely to create an uncontrolled dimensional rift, which will most likely tear the Earth apart. Luckily for our implied heroes, it takes some time for the monstrosity to power up.

3 – Nigh-indestructible engine of death

Toughness: 6

[] [] Random energy discharge (reroll)
[] 4 – Maintenance drone-bots on the offesive
[] The heat is unbearable! (change roll to ‘5’)

Inventor: Professor Solipsos
Perhaps the good professor is one of those blockbuster Atheists who hates God because he feels hard done by. Perhaps he’s tired of religion interferring with Science! Perhaps he’s just a nutcase.

2 – Maddest scientist in the room

Toughness: 3

[] 3 – Experimental raygun

If more of a challenge is needed, everything is scalable. Give the professor some science-cultist mooks, more robots, give the device more toughness etc.


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