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Night At The Museum! (BabbageCliologic)

I watched this movie (and the sequel) a while ago and figured that the characters would be a cool addition to my Supercrew Papers page.

Skeletal T-Rex
3: Bite with Big Teeth
[_] Die is a 5: Grab & Bite
[_] Charge 3
[_] Roar: Induce Fear 2
Toughness: 4

Three corrupt museum guards (Gus, Reginald and Cecil)
2: Skill: security guard
[_] [_] 2: Skill: museum info
[_] Re-roll the Dice: Switcheroo!
One additional attack if guards have 2 or 3 toughness
Toughness: 3

Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt
2: Skill: rough rider
2: Equipment: horse
[_] [_] Re-roll the Dice: leadership
Toughness: 3 (4 for horse)

Dexter the capuchin monkey
2: Skill: cause trouble
[_] Re-roll the Dice: steal stuff
[_] [_] Change one die to a 5: slap!
Toughness: 1

Four Neanderthals
2: Neanderthal
[_] [_] Re-roll: re-discover fire
One additional attack if neanderthals have 3 or more toughness
Toughness: 4


One response to “Night At The Museum! (BabbageCliologic)

  1. Redforce December 21, 2009 at 6:26 pm

    It also shows that you can use Supercrew for other things besides superheroes!

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