The Fortress of Solid-Rules

The unofficial Supercrew fansite

Collapsing Building

It’s the sort of building architects ooh over and engineers wince at.   Built to be light and open, it has a roof supported by a few thin pillars, but mostly appears to be made of glass.   Big glass walls, big glass skylights, big glass doors.   Some struts hanging below the skylights hold the artificial lights for nighttime use, and there are some big automatic blinds that keep the greenhouse effect from getting too harsh during the day.  But mostly it’s glass.   And someone, through shaking, impact, or a perfectly-pitched tone, has managed to put enough cracks in it that it’s going to come down.

Falling Glass 2 (attacks two targets)
[] Loose Wire 4
[] Chandelier Collapse 3 (attacks all targets in range)

[] Razor-Sharp Shards (effect 2)

Toughness 6


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