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Foes for the Elementals (BabbageCliologic)

The main bad guy for the first part of the comic (as well as a recurring villain) is Saker, a man raised from the dead over 2000 years ago and unable to die, he becomes an evil sorcerer and is responsible for the release of the Shadowspear:

Saker (Lazarus)
3: Super power: sorcery
[_] [_] 2: Attribute: super genius
[_] Re-roll the Dice: immortal
[_] Change the roll to Effect 2: Invade dreams!

Saker’s supervillain crew is known as the Destroyers. Shapeshifter is the nominal leader of this group, sometimes sharing it with Annihilator. She’s the most connected to Saker than the others, probably because her powers are independent of Saker – the other Destroyers were killed, raised and granted their powers from Saker.

Shapeshifter (name unknown)
2: Super power: shapeshifting
[_] Re-roll the Dice: Sneak attack!
[_] Change the roll to Effect 2: Convincing people to do what she wants.

Annihilator flies, shoots power blasts and hates Vortex (Vortex killed him once).

Annihilator (Colonel Rudi Morganrot)
2: Equipment: battle suit (armor, flight)
2: Attack: power blast
[_] Re-roll the Dice: Turn on a dime while shooting
[_] Change the roll to Effect 2: Two-fisted blasts!

Chrysalis (name unknown)
2: Equipment: chrysalis armor
[_] [_] Re-roll the Dice: acrobatics!
[_] Change the roll to Effect 2: chrysalis webbing

Behemoth (Hyram, full name unknown)
2: Attribute: super strength
[_] Re-roll the Dice: immune to fire
[_] Change one roll to a 5: throw something big
[_] [_] Change the roll to Effect 2: Smash!


One response to “Foes for the Elementals (BabbageCliologic)

  1. Hafwit December 23, 2009 at 5:59 am

    These look really cool, even though I don’t know the source material.

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