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Foes for the Elementals pt. 3 (BabbageCliologic)

Ambrose (Merlin Ambrose)
4: Super power: archmage
[_] Re-roll the Dice: appear less than he is!
[_] [_] Change the rolls to Effect 2: new magic!

Agent Porter Scott
2: Skill: federal agent
[_] [_] Re-roll the Dice: call for back-up!
[_] Change one roll to a 5: Dead shot!

The Haunting (Janet Brown Murphy)
2: Super power: ghost
[_] Re-roll the Dice: induce nightmare!

Dave Dravagon
2: Super power: dragon (immature)
[_] 2: Attribute: super luck
[_] Change one roll to a 5: immune to fire
[_] [_] Change one roll to Effect 2: feats of greatness

2: Skill: assassin
[_] [_] 2: Super power: psychic shapeshifter (with differing personalities and skill sets)
[_] Re-roll the Dice: infiltration
[_] [_] Change the roll to a 5: appear unimportant


One response to “Foes for the Elementals pt. 3 (BabbageCliologic)

  1. BabbageCliologic December 21, 2009 at 9:24 pm

    Sanction is a villain (or at the least, a government assassin that targeted the Elementals because of a corrupt Saker-follower federal agent.

    Agent Porter Scott, Ambrose, the Haunting and Dave Dravagon are all allies. Porter Scott was assigned to the Elementals from the beginning (until he was most likely killed by Captain Cadaver), while Ambrose married Morningstar and the Haunting got involved with Vortex.

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