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The Twelve Days of Christmas (Hafwit)

Happy holidays, supers-fans.

The Twelve Gifts
In the secret world of true martial arts, there are twelve names that are whispered with awe and envy, that of the Twelve Gifts. These masters have transcended human boundaries and become saints, engines of destruction, superheroes. They wander the world, changing it as they go.

Partridge is an immortal, and profoundly unhappy. His prowess at combat is beyond compare, yet he seems doomed to be too late, too soon, or simply on the losing side of any conflict. It is said that he was in time to see the Buddhas of Bamyan destroyed, but no one knows for sure. These days he wanders the world, loath to intercede in any conflict fearing that his presence will cause injustice to prevail. His beautiful feather cape seems to weigh him down terribly. If roused from his deep depression, Partridge could become a great force for justice. Unless he’s right.

3: Partridge-In-Pear-Tree Prana
2: Flight
1: Dreadfully Immortal
Re-roll the Dice: Not Going Down (Dreadfully Immortal)
Change one die to a 5: Bounteous Orchard Punch (Partridge-In-Pear-Tree Prana)
Change one roll to Effect 2: Partridge Stance (Partridge-In-Pear-Tree Prana)

Two Turtle Doves
The lovers known as the Two Turtle Doves have lost something of what made them human, as part of their undying love. They are genderless figures, one dark with shining white eyes, one white with black eyes. On their chests are the sign the doves. Above all, the Two Turtle Doves seek a place to settle down and raise their strange offspring. To that end they have tried taking over several ‘environments’ ranging from the Black Forest in Germany (and starting a perculiar romance cult in that location) to the criminal underworld of New York City (and starting a gang war in the process). While their aim may be understandable, their means are invariably destructive.

3: Inhuman Fury
2: Super-Dexterity
1: Halves Of A Whole
Re-roll the Dice: Effortless Dodge (Super-Dexterity)
Change one die to a 5: Dove’s Cry (Inhuman Fury)
Change one roll to Effect 2: Nesting Pair Attack (Halves Of A Whole)

Three French Hens
The Three French Hens are the scourge of paris’ criminals. Many an evil-doer has seen the best laid plans come apart when the three women, dressed in demure brown, entered the scene. It is said that the Hens are supported by a secret society, a network hearkening back to the Reign of Terror, dedicated to keeping the streets safe.

3: Jinx
2: Kung Fu
1: Relentless Seekers of Justice
Re-roll the Dice: Everything Comes Undone (Jinx)
Change one die to a 5: Deadly Kick (Kung Fu)
Change one roll to Effect 2: Superior Defense (Kung Fu)

The man known as Four-Calling-Birds is ancient. There are stories of a man fitting his description which predate Christ. Some say that he is the man who performed many of the miracles attributed to St. Francis of Assisi, but the man appears to be Japanese. He assists the needy, but has a knack for making powerful enemies too. Four-Calling-Birds is generally a peaceful man, but has had several run-ins with the supervillain known as the Hell Marshall.

3: Beguiling Birdsong
2: Flight
1: Friend To Animals
Re-roll the Dice: Sin Shies From My Song (Beguiling Birdsong)
Change one die to a 5: No Man Is M y Enemy (Beguiling Birdsong)
Change one roll to Effect 2: Come To My Aid! (Friend To Animals)

Five Golden Rings
The Five Golden Rings are five people (two men and three women) with identical powers and outfits (white uniform with a golden circle on the chest), yet they seem to be fierce enemies. They claim to have been created as part of a Taoist alchemical process, imbibing an elixir called Golden Totality. The Golden Rings will often join groups of superheroes for short durations, or groups of villains in order to fight each other.

3: Fists of Destruction
2: Perfect Physique
1: Golden Energy Beams
Re-roll the Dice: Shockwave Punch (Fists of Destruction)
Change one die to a 5: Concentrated Ray (Golden Energy Beams)
Change one roll to Effect 2: Punch Through Anything (Fists of Destruction)

Six Geese A-Laying
The Geese A-Laying are a group of creatures who may once have been human. Each is guarding a titanic egg which they claim will spawn a new species to surplant humanity. While this may sound ominous, they are only hostile to humanity when they are disturbed in their egg-tending. One had to be teleported away from caverns beneath Cincenatti, while at least three live perilously close to human habitation in Japan.

3: Mother Of Man’s Ruin
2: Super-Dexterity
1: Super-Strength
Re-roll the Dice: Immovable (Super-Strength)
Change one die to a 5: Effortless Defense (Super-Dexterity)
Change one roll to Effect 2: Mama Bear Rage (Mother Of Man’s Ruin)

Seven Swans A-Swimming
The Swans are the guardians of the traditional seven seas (the Persian Gulf, the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Adriatic Sea, and the Arabian Sea). They claim to have been given this task by Hermes Trismegistus himself. The Swans are aloof creatures, often arrogant and hot-headed, but ultimately a force tasked with protecting mankind. They appear as winged and handsome long-haired men of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern cast, weaping deep blue robes.

3: Majestic Flight
2: Water Control
1: Mystical Guardian
Re-roll the Dice: Creating Storm (Majestic Flight)
Change one die to a 5: Intimidating Force Of Will (Mystical Guardian)
Change one roll to Effect 2: Tidal Wave (Water Control)

Eight Maids A-Milking
The Eight Maids A-Milking look out over the world and do not like what they see. Mankind is without humility, mercy, or hope. Some say that the women embody the eight beatitudes, and they certainly think up vast, convoluted schemes to promote humility (though fear), mercy (through placing individuals or groups in situations where they have to make moral choices where lives hang in the balance), or hope (by taking over from leaders that they consider corrupt.
3: Dazzling Divine Light
2: Energy Creations
1: Schemes Within Schemes
Re-roll the Dice: We Came Prepared (Schemes Within Schemes)
Change one die to a 5: Energy Sledgehammer (Energy Creations)
Change one roll to Effect 2: Welcome To A New World (Energy Creations)

Nine Ladies Dancing
Nine women, one mind. Such is the strange power of Nine Ladies Dancing. They come like a graceful wind, like dervishes whirling. It is said that they are the dream-forms of an ancient queen in a sorcerous slumber, but in the secret world of true martial arts, certainties are a rare luxury.
Nine Ladies Dancing is a force for good, but she leaves almost as much devastation in her wake as the evil she has thwarted.

3: Whirlwind Attack
2: Nine Perfect Bodies
1: I Am Many
Re-roll the Dice: Untouchable Flurry Of Bodies (Whirlwind Attack)
Change one die to a 5: Lovely Confusion (Nine Bodies)
Change one roll to Effect 2: Perfectly Coordinated (Nine Bodies)

Ten Lords A-Leaping
The assassin cult known as Ten Lords A-Leaping is known and rightly feared from Singapore to Boston. These shadowy killers seem to treat gravity as a polite suggestion at best. The crime fighters Night Shifter and Clampdown have fought members on several occasions.

3: Lordly Leap
2: A Shadow Among Shadows
1: Throwing
Re-roll the Dice: You Never Saw Him Coming (A Shadow Among Shadows)
Change one die to a 5: Throwing Star To The Kidneys! (Thro
Change one roll to Effect 2: Flying Kick! (Lordly Leap)

Eleven Pipers Piping
To Eleven-Pipers-Piping, great powers came without training or effort. He was a Mongolian peasant who one day came upon what appeared to be a crashed spaceship. Within he found a strange creature, part octopus and part toad, it seemed. It held out a strange pipe to the man, then collapsed.
The man found that when he held the pipe he was a fighter beyond compare, and when he played the pipe, men would go mad. Being a man of limited imagination, Eleven-Pipes-Piping resolved to make himself rich through crime.

3: Pipes Of Madness
2: Martial Arts Master
1: Altered Physique
Re-roll the Dice: Instilling Madness In Crowds (Pipes Of Madness)
Change one die to a 5: Debilitating Kick (Martial Arts Master)
Change one roll to Effect 2: Inhuman Punch (Martial Arts Master)

Twelve Drummers Drumming
Twelve-Drummers-Drumming is a giantess and claims to be a daughter of Raijin, Japanese god of thunder. When she plays her drum, the earth quakes. Twelve-Drummers-Drumming is not a villain per se, but is known to pitch a fit if her status as a demi-goddess isn’t properly acknowledged.

3: Earthquake Drums
2: Super-strength
1: Demi-Goddess
Re-roll the Dice: Take THAT, Insolent Maggot! (Super-strength)
Change one die to a 5: Words Fail, Buildings Tumble (Earthquake Drums)
Change one roll to Effect 2: Raging Epicenter (Earthquake Drums)


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