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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Sheep on the Run! by Hafwit

Yesterday I tried catching a sheep that had found its way out of its enclosure and into the park. I tried catching it the good old way, tried luring it with the juiciest leaves that I could find. I even tried ignoring it so that I might catch it unawares. Didn’t work. The sheeo was really good at hiding by the creek where two-legs couldn’t venture.

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Options for sustained campaigns

As written Supercrew is not good for a sustained campaign. But what if you want to play a series of adventures? How can you keep the game going?

Supercrew lacks any rewards so that characters gain something when they experience and survive a linked series of adventures. Obviously the PCs will develop as characters as time goes on, and the players will enjoy the stories they create together, but unlike 3:16 (another great storytelling game) characters don’t get improved stats or rank increases to make the player feel like his character is progressing.

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