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Sheep on the Run! by Hafwit

Yesterday I tried catching a sheep that had found its way out of its enclosure and into the park. I tried catching it the good old way, tried luring it with the juiciest leaves that I could find. I even tried ignoring it so that I might catch it unawares. Didn’t work. The sheeo was really good at hiding by the creek where two-legs couldn’t venture.

Some other people joined the fun, and finally the matter was left in the hands of the police. I’m not sure if they had any luck.

Sheep on the Run!

Operation: WOLF has been blown wide open! Animal activists have released three super sheep into a major city, and destructive hijinks ensues.
The government’s contractor Fairchild BioLabs have created three super-animals from everyday sheep. They are:

Autolycus: Covert killer sheep

Heracles: Super-strong sheep, created for destroying infrastructure.

Orpheus: The weapon to end all weapons, potentially a living black hole.

The sheep are sentient (Usince the idea was that they were to follow complex orders) and now they are free to exact revenge on the corrupt world of man.


A ghostly sheep is threatening the shoppers of the Goleszowski Shopping Center! Electricity’s gone and people are panicking or looting. How to catch a shadowy ninja-sheep among sporting goods stores and pretzel stands?

Looter (there are as many or few of these guys as you need)

1: ”Take that, boyscout!”
Toughness: 1


3: Debilitating Shadow Strike!
2: Fleet of Hoof
1: Sheepy Senses

Toughness: 3

Re-roll the Dice: Blur of Motion! (Fleet of Hoof)
Change one die to a 5: Ambush (Debilitating Shadow Strike!)
Change one roll to Effect 2: Born To Darkness (Sheepy Senses)

Autolycus will alternately silent as a shadow and sneeringly arrogant. He has got a loose idea about Orpheus’ plans, but he won’t rat on his brothers. He may be tricked though.


Heracles is a gray sheep this size of a humpback whale and with unearthly strength. He is also a quite simple creature. Currently he’s enjoying his freedom, which people on the ground would call a rampage. This seem to call for a slugfest (hopefully without too much collateral damage)

3: Ram!

Toughness: 5

It’s Got Someone In Its Mouth! (Re-roll)
Kick (Effect: 2)
[][] Collateral Damage (Change one die to a 5)
5: You’ve Made Him Mad… (This replaces the Ram! power when Heracles is down to a Toughness of 2)

Once they’ve captured Heracles, they receive an emergency call from Fairchild BioLabs, specifically from a secret lab in the city suburbs. If this short scenario is part of a longer campaign, Fairchild may become an ongoing enemy, employer, fair-weather ally, or general source of mysteries. After all, there may be many more labs…


Whose bright idea was it to create a sheep that could break down the barriers between dimensions? Certainly they’re regretting it now. The sheep Orpheus is the most visionary of the three, and is currently at the center of the Fairchild BioLabs facility, breaking the world.
Finding him means an increasingly surreal trek through the facility, from the entrance through the cafeteria, meeting rooms, a winter garden and the labs themselves.

2: A Host Of Tiny Demons Appear!
4: The Floor Becomes An Intangible Flurry Of Colors!
Earth Quakes (Effect: 2)
Inanimate Objects Start Singing (Re-roll)
[][] Rogue Arcane Energy (Re-roll)

Toughness: 5 (when this reaches zero, the heroes have arrived at the epicenter of the dimensional catastrophe)

Orpheus stands at the center of a dimensional bleed where worlds flow together. He will only defend himself reflexively.

Toughness: 3

But he will point out that if they put him away, they won’t be able to stop the bleed. He claims that he has found a dimension which he calls the Fields of Green. What he wants is his brothers freed to go with him. The problem wil go away, and the sheep may live happily ever after.

The downside? The heroes will likely have some manner of the fallout with the government for letting their bio-weapons escape. What will they do?


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