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Give me your typical scenes

Supercrew uses a very easy system to write up bad guys, hazards and threats. In the core book and on the fansite can be found write-ups for various hazards and threats, but maybe we can come up with a couple more. And we don’t need to limit ourselves to typical superhero scenes. Why not write up some typical scenes (from various genres)?

The bank heist
Breaking and entering highly secure location
The crime syndicate HQ (+ crime boss)

The dragon’s lair (+ dragon)
Bunch of Orcs
Attacking the evil cult

Researching occult books/library
Unspeakable Horror (+ cultists)
Zombie plague
Vampire lair (with vampire and brides)

We could use Blacksheep’s Villain Points for guidelines. So, an Easy challenge has a difficulty (or Toughness) equal to the number of heroes. A Standard challenge is one more; a Hard challenge is two more. For boosts you can use:
A single-use ability at a rank one higher than the basic ability
A single-use ability at basic rank that gives the target a -1 penalty
A single-use ability at basic rank that attacks two targets
A single-use ability that provides a two-dice defence
A single-use trick providing a reroll, effect +1 or effect 2
Two points of toughness

I’ll start

Modern: Maffia HQ + Boss
Maffia Goons 3d
Diff: Hard (#players+2)
[ ] Armed and dangerous (Attacks two targets)
[ ] Take cover (two-dice defence)

Maffia Boss
Leadership 2d
Diff: Standard (#players+1)
Tough bastard (Two points of toughness)

Breaking and entering Maffia HQ
Guards 2d
Diff: Hard (#players+2)
[ ] Alarm (target at -1 penalty)
[ ] Guard dogs 3d (rank one higher than the basic ability)

Fantasy: Bunch of Orcs
Maim and plunder 2d
Diff: Standard (#players+1)
[ ] Waaagghhh 3d (rank one higher than the basic ability)
[ ] Oi! That doesn’t hurt! (reroll)

Now it’s your turn


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