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Jack London by Kaptain Kobold

I was inspired to come up with a ‘city elemental’ character for Supercrew (after all, if I can convince my wife to run a game or two I’ll need a PC). Although written with my Victorian Era campaign in mind, he could work for any period I guess.

Jack London

A disaster has befallen London; people’s emotions are running high. High enough that the collected energy embues one man with the power of the City itself. The City will be avenged and protected.

Jack draws on the City itself in order to defend it. It’s buildings and structures makes him strong and tough, whilst his ability to draw on the collective consciousness of its people give him eyes everywhere. As an entity moulded by the City’s inhabitants he can appear to any of them in a way that they find acceptable, making him all things to all men.

In combat he generally fights with his fists, relying on his strength to subdue his foes and avoid harm. He can disconcert enemies briefly by ‘appearing’ in such a way that he could be their friend or ally – no physical change takes place; the viewer just gets the right impression. In extremes he can tap the psyche of the City to increase his resolve or that of those around him.

Out of combat his ability to tap the minds of the City’s inhabitants and the structure of its buildings makes him a brilliant, if erratic detective, whilst his charisma makes any negotiations run smoothly.

Needles to say his powers only work within the confines of London.

3 – Power: Spirit Of The City. He can sense and feel what the City and its people sense and feel.
2 – Attribute: Energy Of The City. He can draw strength and vitality from the City.
1 – Skill: People Of The City. He can appear as all things to all men.

Reroll – The City will not allow him to be harmed; things will happen to protect him (Energy Of The City)
Change Roll To ‘5’ – Focus on one location (Spirit Of The City)
Effect 2 – Uncanny charisma (People Of The City)

(An alternative would be to make the Skill into Free Running, with an appropriate change to the trick (Always finds best route and never gets lost, perhaps)


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