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Villains for The Impossible Club by Kaptain Kobold

Doctor Klockwerk
Maniacal Bavarian mechanic

Clockwork Mechanical Arm and Eye – 2
Clockwork Technology – 2
Preplanned Escape Device – 4 (one use)
Trick: Mechanical Genius (reroll, one use)
Toughness = 3

Doctor Klockwerk’s Automaniacs
A group of mechanical henchmen

Rapid-Fire Guns and Whirling Saw Blades – 2
Auto-Repair – 3 (one use)
Trick: Self-Destruct (Effect 2, one use, lose one Toughness after use)
Toughness = 5
If they have a Toughness of 3+ they may target two characters per round.

Tunnel Cave-In
To show how easy it is to run a phenomenon

Falling Rubble – 2
Cloud Of Dust – 3 (one use)
Random Explosion – 3 (one use)
Trick: Noise, Confusion And Darkness (reroll, one use)
Toughness = 4
Note: Only targets one character per round (whoever is at the back, I guess 🙂 )

The Iron Spider
Giant automated city destroying device

Flailing Tentacles – 3
Trick: Relentless Advance (change to ‘5’, one use)
Trick: Rapid-Fire Guns (Effect 2, two uses)
Toughness = 4
Always defends with two dice
Each round it generates 1 effect of Mayhem. The heroes must assign at least one character to deal with Mayhem, using their abilities to negate the cumulative score. The Mayhem attacks the assgned hero with whatever its current score is.

Gentleman Johnny
Foppish villain. His opponents seem to be beset by misfortune when trying to fight him.

Lucky – 3
Misfortune – 2 (one use only, affects all opponents in area)
How Incredibly Fortunate! – 4 (one use only)
Trick: Good Fortune (reroll, one use)
Trick: Bad Luck, Old Chap! (Effect 2, one use)
Toughness = 3

The Darkness
Elemental spirit of cold, fear and darkness

Aura Of Cold And Darkness – 2
Move Between Shadows – 2
Wave Of Terror – 3 (affects everyone in area, one use)
Trick: Confusion (reroll, one use)
Trick Icy Dread (Effect 2, one use)
Toughness = 3

Savage, ragged, angry version of Sir Leo, who may or may not be his brother.

Strength, Claws And Agility – 2
Beserk Rage – 3 (two uses)
Trick: Leap (Effect 2, one use)
Trick: Determined Revenge (reroll, one use, only if fighting Sir Leo Fogg)
Trick: Fury (reroll, one use)
Toughness = 4



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